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Quality Monitor™ static dead code and dynamic test coverage analyses: the view (by yWorks) shows that all tests worked fine (green), but some classes (boxes) are not covered (blue). Among those there are many ”dead” (light blue) classes, i.e., they cannot be tested. Quality Monitor™ documentation analysis: the view (by yWorks) shows the cloning of documents (boxes); clone degree increases blue to red and cloned documents are displayed in clusters.


Quality Workshop™ is a full day seminar for software developers and project managers creating an awareness of quality issues. It gives a brief overview of the theory of quality control and quality metrics. Then participants refine high-level quality goals, like for instance “flexibility” or “maintainability”, to concrete, measurable properties of development processes and developed systems. Hands on lab exercises apply these measurements using Quality Monitor™. [ details ]

First Contact Analysis™ is a standard based assessment method for software systems and technical documentation. It is based on a number of analyses successfully applied to numerous and various types of systems. It gives a graphical overview of a system’s architecture and structure, design, and complexity and uncovers potential quality issues in the software system or in technical documentations. [ details ]

Quality Monitoring™ implements quality supervision tailored to quality goals and development processes of the customers. It supports customers in defining quality goals, refining them to measurable properties, and implementing them in the development process. It includes Quality Monitor™ access and training for developers and technical writers. [ details ]

Individual services like quality assessment of external components and quality control of outsourced projects can be delivered, as well. Feel free to contact us.

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