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Q-Analytics™ web analytics: the view shows clicks per page. Quality Monitor™ documentation analysis: the view (by yWorks) shows cross-references of documents (boxes) belonging to different chapters (same color same chapter). Documents of the same package are coherent and loosely coupled to documents of other chapters. This is good for understanding the documents.


Quality MonitorQuality Monitor™ is a web-based quality analysis tool for software and technical documentation. Software and other design specifications and documentations can be uploaded. Then Quality Monitor™ performs standard or custom quality analyses. It is easily adaptable to the quality needs of a company or project and can be harmoniously integrated in existing development and build processes. [ details ]

Quality MonitorOther "Q" Tools collect information about the project schedule, budget, and customer satisfaction. These tools help IT managers to reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction. They can be used as plug-ins to Quality Monitor™ or as stand-alone web services. [ details ]

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